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Hate Before Love

I have this quirk. I tend to hate things that I wind up falling in love with.

It happens a lot with new apps. I think an idea is stupid and write it off, then it comes back around to woo me. Twitter is one example. I signed up in 2008, but didn’t start using it until 2010. Now it’s the first app I go to on my phone.

It’s happened even more often with music.

Back around 2000, a good friend wanted me to download & burn him a copy of this new British band he had just heard of. For some reason, I instantly couldn’t stand them. Something about their sound irked me, like they were just sampling The Bends era Radiohead.

A few years later, I heard “In My Place” on a TV show and had to know what band it was. Well, it was obviously Coldplay. I had missed the boat, they were pretty good. After that, I couldn’t get enough. And then I had to get caught up on Parachutes, which everyone was sick of

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Energy Creates Energy

 The best advice often comes at the strangest times.1

A little over three years ago, I found myself sitting in a cube farm in the middle of Kansas City, Missouri staring intently at a coffee cup branded with my current employer’s logo. They were all about giving away free company swag, this place was. I had t-shirts, jackets, polos and pint glasses all emblazoned with our name. But it was the coffee mug that made me chuckle. Below the company logo was a quote, one that seemed so ironic to me at that very moment:

“A company is known by the people that it keeps.”

A few minutes prior, I had just been called into my boss’s office. If they didn’t get any work in soon, he said, they were going to have to let me go. This particular company’s workload ebbed and flowed with some pretty major Fortune 500 industries and when the work dried up, so did that cube farm. The week prior, I saw six

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